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Our Boats

Proudly introducing our latest boat to the fleet, the Atlin! Built and bought in 2017, courtesy of Coastwise Corporations and Bay Welding.

Introducing our brand new boat, we are super excited to bring the Atlin into the Juneau Whale Watch family. Proudly keeping business in Alaska, Coastwise Corporations produced its striking design, layout and smart ergonomics expected in a custom whale watching catamaran. While Homer based Bay Welding constructed the Alaskan marine-grade vessel.

Sporting quad 350 HP Yamaha outboard motors and hydraulic power steering—underpinning its legendary performance heritage—the craft measures 48-feet in length. Feature-filled with the latest electronics, up to 49 passengers can enjoy whale watching on the bow deck, in the cabin and atop of an expansive rooftop. Like all of our crafts, the Atlin delivers all the fun you would expect in an Alaskan whale watch adventure.

Handsome is an understatement in the depiction of this vessel. Built by the reputable Armstrong Marine and bought in 2015, think: a spacious 52-feet long catamaran, accommodation for 49 passengers and the unstoppable power of twin 750 HP Scania motors. The Chilkat is aptly named after the Chilkat Range, in the Haines Borough and the Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, just west of Juneau, Alaska. Our Herculean member of the fleet, fully-featured and like our other vessels, equipped to offer you the best whale watching experience.

In front: the K’eet. At the back: the L’ook. Both are very similar boats.

In 2013, we brought the L’ook into our fold. Courtesy of boat builders Armstrong Marine, it became our second catamaran. A robust strong twin-hull with 350-HP Yamaha outboard motors. Impressively voyaging with up to 30 passengers, the vessel boasts large viewing areas on the bow, stern and upper deck. The Tlingit-inspired L’ook translates to “silver salmon”. A charming boat indeed!

Rochelle B built and bought in 2012.

Going from strength to strength, we called our third investment the Rochelle B, a meaningful reference to our family. Built in 2012 by Armstrong Marine in Port Angeles, Washington, this 46-feet long catamaran doesn’t bat an eyelid when carrying up to 49 whale watchers. Why? Her quad 300 HP Yamaha motors may have something to do with it.

There is oodles of space in which to witness the local marine life and birdlife. Namely thanks to the viewing areas at the front and the back, anywhere inside and on the upper deck. One of our flagship members of the fleet.

Sometimes, the whales choose to come to our boats… THIS CLOSE!

Our second introduction to the fleet saw the K’eet come on board in 2012, which is very similar to the L’ook. Poignant to Southeast Alaskan culture, k’eet is the Tlingit-derived word for “orca,” otherwise known as killer whale. Also constructed by Bentz Boats, the craft is a 35-feet long jet boat that can seamlessly take up to 28 passengers.

There are ample viewing sections in the seated area inside, at the bow and the stern with an ability to reach the sweet spots in a short space of time. A wonderful addition to Juneau Whale Watch.

The S’eek power boating straight to the whales!

As the very first addition to the Juneau Whale Watch fleet, the S’eek will always hold a special place in our hearts. A Tlingit derivative, S’eek means “black bear” and was built in 2011 by Bentz Boats in Lewiston, Idaho. At 34-feet long, it comfortably holds 26 passengers. Not the biggest jet boat, it’s still a beautiful vessel in the fleet. And a zippy one to boot! Decent sized viewing areas can be accessed indoors, at the front and the back. Still one of our trusty boats that will go anywhere, anytime.

Meet Our Shiny Fleet Of Custom Whale Watching Boats

We are extremely proud to introduce you to our custom designed whale watching boats. Our six-strong fleet comprises: four catamarans and two jet boats. Undeniably, the catamarans are sturdy boats with twin aluminum hulls in parallel. Where our jet boats afford an equally comfortable ride, they will propel you to the sweet spots in no time at all. Moreover, our fleet of whale watching boats is the newest in town. But perhaps best of all, we rarely cancel on our guests as conditions are stable on the Inside Passage.

The Captains

Not only that, our experienced captains at the helm are more than capable of coping with the usually calm conditions. What’s more, because our captains stay in close radio contact with one another, expertly navigating you towards the whales from the moment you set sail is child’s play for them. Our knowledgeable naturalists / deck hands on board are equally there to guide and educate, inform and entertain. As well as to help steer your eyes towards the remarkable gentle giants, and other incredible marine life and bird life in abundance here.

Come and voyage upon one of our whale watching boats, geared up to leave you wide-wide on whales! But firstly, check out our exciting drone (aerial) footage, showcasing two of our seafaring beauties:

Boat Capacity

As an established local company in the business of whale watching, we appreciate that smaller boats afford a more intimate experience. Particularly when watching the marine wildlife that abound Juneau’s protected waters. Individually, our speedy jet boats will cater to 26 passengers and our sturdy catamarans are able to oblige up to 49 whale seekers.

Boat Layout

Our jet boats boast a front and back deck at the bow and stern respectively, for your maximum viewing pleasure during the tour. Whereas our aluminum dual-hulled catamarans have an additional upper deck to further enjoy the wildlife during your voyage amid Juneau’s stunning scenery. Both types of vessel are well-insulated for the inside passage’s fresher days, our enclosed cabins all possess heating with wide viewing windows.

Wonderfully, the viewing areas of our jet boats get you lower to the waterline. And our catamarans give rise to a more elevated whale watching experience. For your convenience, each vessel is also furnished with the ever-important marine toilet. Equipped to cater, we also supply snacks and drinks on every tour.

Private Charters And Special Occasions

All of our boats are available for private charter, whether a group of 20 or 200, we can handle your group! Should a private charter be of interest, the Rochelle B, one of our sturdy catamarans, comes complete with a bar area. And the Chilkat, another one of our catamarans, offers a lower deck with a bar and food service area for catering.

This is perfect for once-in-a-lifetime events with family and friends. For example, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries and graduation parties. How about getting married on the water, taking pictures at the glacier and holding your reception on Mount Roberts with stunning, elevated views overlooking Juneau.

While you mull over which tour best suits, see our guest’s Facebook photos and videos: they’re awesome!


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