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Juneau is an unmissable destination of cruise ship passengers, those flying in on vacation or ferry-going travelers alike. From a wealth of firsthand, local experience, we’d be honored to share what we feel makes the perfect day in Juneau.

Why Juneau?

A perfect day in Juneau should start with a perfect setting. Think: primeval in its setting as much as enchanting, Juneau is tranquil. We invite you to immerse yourself in its otherness. The coastal city is surrounded in a mist shrouded, temperate rainforest. Often, an early morning fog seems to silence the dense greenery, while the bald eagles soaring overhead blend with the rippling sounds of the nearby creeks. Juneau is many things. It’s a city steeped in history, founded on strong mining roots and Southeast Alaska Native culture.

The new star of Juneau, Alaska!

Juneau is a college town bustling with boutiques and award winning restaurants and bars. If that’s not enough, our speck-sized haven boasts more miles of trails than miles of road. In fact, there’s more wildlife than people. Not only that, our peaceful waters abound with humpbacks, orcas (killer whales) and dolphins. What are you waiting for?

An orca spy-hopping

An orca spy-hopping

Itinerary For A Perfect Day In Juneau

Our must-see daylong itinerary for a perfect day in Juneau starts downtown. Firstly, kick start your day with a guided tour through the capital city, taking in the delights of Douglas Island. Refuel and dine on freshly caught halibut and chips downtown. After your food sensation, take time to absorb the visual wonder of Mendenhall Glacier. An intimate view of the ancient ice formations glowing aquamarine blue will leave you awestruck.

More ice than you ever thought possible, right here on Juneau's Icefield.

More ice than you ever thought possible, right here on Juneau’s Icefield.

Then, spend the rest of the afternoon by hopping on a 2-hour cruise in Auke Bay and the Lynn Canal. Juneau’s protected waters will see you enjoy the humpback whales during their summertime feast. Lastly, finish an incredible day with a trip up the Goldbelt Mount Roberts Tramway. Don’t forget to toast to a perfect day in Juneau over something sparkling at the Timberline Bar & Grill. At an elevated view of 3,000 feet, you’ll be awarded with the most spectacular, panoramic vistas of Juneau. It’s all here, awaiting your pleasure!

A whale of a tail!

A whale of a tail!

Juneau’s Wilderness And Wildlife

Upon visiting Juneau, you’ll be treated to views of the glacier that dominate the horizon as you drive into the Mendenhall Valley. What’s more, a sublime wilderness gives way to waters abound in humpback whales that migrate purposely to feast on Juneau’s nutrient-rich offerings. Juneau is without doubt their number one spot to chow down all summer long. Why dine out elsewhere when the local refrigerator is packed to the gunwales with goodies? Additionally, why not learn more about how this ragged outpost became the Capital of the 49th State of the US.

The incredible views at Mendenhall Glacier.

The incredible views of Juneau’s Ice Field.

The Juneau Tours’ Fleet

Our five strong fleet of boats, three catamarans and two jet boats, offers capacity for large groups (up to 200). Foremost, our boats are the newest in town where photographers and naturalists praise our boats for their excellent sight lines from any place on board. In addition, our other boats cater for 24 and 28 people. (Meet our crew too.)

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One of our fine seafaring vessels.

One of our fine seafaring vessels.

Furthermore, our aluminum-hulled catamaran called The Chilkat, along with another one of our double hulled boats, can both accommodate you and up to 48 of your friends, which is available for private charters. Conveniently, the lower deck includes a bar and food service area (should you wish for catering). Perfect for those once-in-a-lifetime family events. For example, get married on the water, take pictures at the glacier and hold your reception atop Mount Roberts high above the coastal city.


glacierandwhalehomeJuneau Tours is a one-stop shop offering a wide array of must-do trips and excursions. Whether you’re a solitary type, coming as a couple or with friends, we have a package that’ll fit your time in town. Mindfully, we’ve geared our products and servicesĀ that cater to varying needs, wants and desires. Even an impeccably timed tour schedule in keeping with the arrival and departure of your cruise ship!

Additionally, that includes equipping our tours and excursions towards folks wishing to take a relaxed and sedate pace, to those on a quest for something more adventurous. Check out what we have on offer and treat yourself to a perfect day in Juneau. You deserve it.

To book, just go online for the best deals in Juneau, Alaska. Or, please call (907) 723-9209 for individual, group, charter or multi-trip rates. We answer the phone all year round! See you soon.

The humpback whales group feeding.

The humpback whales group feeding.

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