The Juneau Whale Watch team

Our Captains

At the helm, our team of captains are fully qualified and highly experienced. This means depositing you in the right drop of ocean is child’s play for them. As the brain of our enterprise, they appreciate that it’s in your best interests to stay well informed over radio communications. “Ahoy!”–you’ll be voyaging straight towards the whales from the moment you set sail.

Indeed, our captains are devoted to keeping our guests immersed in the business of whale watching for the whole season (May to September). Outside that, the captains will often spend the off peak period whale watching in the Caribbean Sea. If not there, the North Pacific Ocean around the warmer waters of Hawaii. Like us, they live to love whales and quite simply, can’t get enough of them!

Meet “Cabin Boy John” – one of our deck hands. Impassioned by Southeast Alaskan marine life, he speaks whale too!

Our Guides and Naturalists

At the heart of our enterprise, our naturalists and guides on board are pulsating with excitement about the whales. Matched by an impressive level of expertise on the cetaceans too. The majority are college students who are industriously studying marine biology, marine technology or fisheries. Telling you that they’re thirsty for expanding their knowledge is an understatement. Indeed, that’s why they’re in our employ. What’s more, we’re strong advocates that local knowledge is king. Born and bred in Juneau if not elsewhere in the State, our locally sourced employees are able to go the extra nautical mile in giving you a truly authentic Alaskan experience. To personally engage you in an Alaskan’s Alaska!

The chief objective of our guides and naturalists is to give you the best experience possible with the whales. Which of course includes touching upon the: migratory patterns, habitats and behaviors. On top, an insight into the whales’ anatomy, reproduction cycles, predators and favorite food. During your voyage, they will also be constantly surveying their surroundings to point out the next sighting. Often times, they’ll be doing both at the same time!

Primarily, the guides and naturalists are there to guide and educate, inform and enlighten. As well as to help steer your eyes, cameras and binoculars towards these remarkable gentle giants. Although the multitasking extends beyond the whales. The guides and naturalists love to point out to our guests anything that inhabits within, on or above Juneau’s protected and pristine waters. It’s what they do.

When the season in Juneau ends, the guides and naturalists focus their energies back on their studies. Some undertake in-depth research on the whales and other wildlife too. Altogether, their increased learning gives them much and more to bring back each year. Namely evolving the length and breadth of knowledge about Juneau’s incredible marine life, and yours.

Our Sales People

Full of enthusiasm for enlightening you on all the wonderful ways in which to optimize your time in Juneau, our sales staff are your first port of call. As the lifeblood of our organization, they strive to furnish you with a synopsis of the splendor on offer. Not restricted to simply what lies in store on our whale watching tours, they are well informed to give you the full spectrum of excursions we have available.

For sure, our sales personnel are impassioned about all the tours and trips offered by Juneau Tours and Whale Watch. No problem if it’s just the whales that float your boat, you’re in the right place because Juneau is where they’re at every summer! But as well, you might be glutton for glaciers—ask our sales people about the aquamarine crystal awaiting you at Mendenhall Glacier (or book online).

Or, you might just fancy engaging in the local culture of our state capital, courtesy of our city tours. It’s worth emphasizing that you can combine the tours in numerous combinations too, maximizing your money and recreational window. And if you’re blessed with a little more time, our sales force is always on hand downtown and by the dock to help you book onto an adventure into Yukon or Skagway.

Once summertime reaches an end, the sales team often take off for some worldwide travel. Broadening their horizons around the globe and taking timeout to rest and relax, sees our staff return each year refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

Our Bus Drivers

Gregarious as much as hilarious, our lively bunch of bus drivers are highly trained in safely delivering you at your required stop. They go the extra mile to unload their passengers in plenty of time. During a comfortable ride on our buses, shuttles or trolley, our drivers are well versed in giving you a guided tour of what you’re seeing. As a fount of local knowledge, they will furnish you with fascinating information, while escorting you around Juneau’s myriad points of interest.

Over a clear communication system during transportation, you will be privy to Juneau’s incredible backstory. Intertwined with the city’s mining roots. Enjoy an insight into the historical importance of our state capital that we relish sharing with our guests. You’ll also hear about life in Juneau come the wintertime. And during your ride, watch out for the wealth of Southeast Alaskan Native culture on our doorstep.

At the same time, being surrounded in our backyard of glaciated mountains, glowing blue in endless supplies of ruggedness. You can’t miss the mist-shrouded spruce forests engulfing our coastal city either. Or the gushing waterfalls and flowing creeks, which during certain times are akin to a smorgasbord of spawning salmon. So sit back and relax. Lap it up and absorb as much as you can.

Once the season reaches completion, our drivers will revert to their other day job: the local school bus drivers. Keeping the kids on schedule for school in the wintertime, and promptly depositing our passengers to their next destination in the summertime.

Our Office Personnel

Meet our friendly and approachable team based in the downtown office of Juneau. Seasoned experts on all the tours available, the office staff is on hand to help with any questions you might have. Equipped with years of local knowledge and in direct contact with all of our drivers, helps to ensure your trip goes like clockwork and without a hitch. Feel free to walk in anytime we’re open, 7 days a week. No appointments required, we welcome you with an open door policy.

In fact, all of our staff like nothing more than to please our passengers; it fills their day full of fun, as well as yours.

While you mull over which tour best suits, see our guest’s Facebook photos and videos: they’re awesome.