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McHugh Pierre is the Vice President of Alaska Operations for Goldbelt Corporation. He’s from Wasilla and is a lifelong Alaskan. We sat down with him for our podcast about the best tips for your trip to the Mount Roberts Tramway.

The iconic Mt. Roberts Tramway is right at the downtown cruise ship dock in Juneau, Alaska. It’s one of the first things visitors see as they get off their boats.

“This is real Alaska,” says McHugh about Juneau. “We live work and play all in the same area.”

Southeast Alaska has some of the longest and richest history because of the growth of minerals, mining, and fishing. One of the coolest things about going on the tram is that there are always locals on it, as well.

Max capacity is about 60 people and the tram runs every five minutes. It can move just over 4,000 people in an hour. The best time to go on the tram is in the morning when it’s not as busy.

The tram is a central location for tour groups to meet, so it’s easy to find.

“We want you and your group to come back,” says McHugh.

Goldbelt Corporation is an Alaska Native corporation, so visiting the tram benefits locals who have lived on the land for centuries.

If you go: Make sure you try something with the wild blueberries at the restaurant at the top of the tram! Try a gin and tonic. The views from the top can’t be beat.

You can book a combo whale watch and tram tour through Juneau Tours.

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