The cruise ships in Juneau are the heart and soul of our tourism season. When the seafaring giants rock up in Juneau, the hub of our town comprising a mere 32,000 residents comes alive! Did you know it was the first community in Southeast Alaska to slap a head tax on cruise-ship passengers yet still manages to lure more of them–in the region of a million or more–than any other town. Full of colors and contrasts, coming to explore Juneau by Southeast Alaska’s waterways has to be one of the scenic ways there is.

What’s New In Juneau’s Dock

This year Juneau has renovated the port to make it more accessible to our floating guests. There are new shops and restaurants, but best of all, an incredible array of amazing tours offered by us locally! While the cruise ships offer many ways in which to consume your hard earned dollars, remember you will get a better price, smaller whale watching boats and a wonderful taste of the local culture if you book with us at Juneau Tours. After all, local knowledge is king. We’d be honored to share our wealth of experience with you.

What’s more, our schedules are impeccably timed around the arrival and departure of your cruise ship. Mindfully, our whole business revolves around the boats coming in and out of Juneau, so we purposely conduct our tours and excursions accordingly. It’s an incredibly safe option, as much as it is a reliable one, to book direct with us. We have never left a man behind! Or a woman for that matter.

Come, maximize your vacation time and dollars, and enjoy creating the memories of a lifetime with us.

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