Whale Sense

In our local community, Juneau Whale Watch was one of the founding members of Alaska’s program: Whale SENSE. A voluntary education and recognition program offered to commercial whale watching companies in the U.S. Atlantic and Alaska Regions.  The program is sponsored by NOAA Fisheries and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Developed in collaboration with the whale watching industry, Whale SENSE recognizes whale watching companies committed to responsible practices.

Whale Sense Alaska Region Participant badge

As such and without fail, Juneau Whale Watch endeavors to:

  • Stick to the regional whale watching guidelines.
  • Educate naturalists, captains, and passengers to have SENSE while watching whales.
  • Notify appropriate networks of whales in distress.
  • Set an example for other boaters.
  • Encourage ocean stewardship.

Mindfully, we conduct our on-the-water activity in harmony with the whales. And as well, other marine life. We don’t wish to impede upon any feeding patterns. At the same time, we are raising awareness of these beautiful animals. The humpback whales in Juneau are among the most incredible ambassadors for Southeast Alaskan wildlife. Furthermore, they no longer feature on the endangered species list. Foremost, we wish to keep it that way!

Contribution to the Community

While we’re committed to offering all our guests a wonderful whale watching experience, there is always room to give back. Supporting local businesses with the construction of our boats and the plans for the new vessels, we also donate a healthy number of whale watching trips to local schools and other organizations. Raising awareness of the precious marine life in Juneau through the next generation is essentially one of the strongest ways to keep these species alive, protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act and in abundance.

Ultimately, we guarantee that you will see whales while we do our utmost to ensure you have a great time!


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