Want to see bald eagles in their natural habitat? Come to Juneau, Alaska: they are everywhere! Time and time again we hear from our guests that they have lived their whole lives having never seen our majestic national bird in real life.

You can't miss Juneau's primordial mist engulfing the rainforest.

You can’t miss Juneau’s primordial mist engulfing the rainforest.

Concentration Of Bald Eagles in Juneau

Well up in Juneau, Alaska, eagles are plentiful. You can’t go a day without spotting them. Honestly, they’re like crows up here! Boasting one the highest concentrations of bald eagles in North America, estimates say there are anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 here. There are only 32,000 people in Juneau. Read more about watching the brilliant birds of prey here.


Sharp as a tack, the bird of prey can spot a fish from up to a mile away. And swift as they come, the majestic creatures of the sky think nothing of nosediving at 100mph when it has one in its sight. When it’s not scouring from above, you might see one devouring a salmon. Or, you might even see an eagle embedding its talons into a fish before taking off to consume its dinner in peace.

Juneau will undoubtedly give you generous sightings of the eagles soaring above. So, come and witness the glory of bald eagles gliding in, trimming their angles this way and that. They await your viewing pleasure.

A group of bald eagles scouring the land for lunch.

A group of bald eagles scouring the land for lunch.

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