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1. The crusie ships say if we don’t book with them we might get left behind-is it safe to book with a local company?

It is totally safe-we’ve never left a man behind! Or a woman for that matter. The whole tourism industry here in Juneau is built around the cruise ship schedule, so we know how to get you back in plenty of time.

2. What should we wear?

The weather is unpredictable and often wet. Bring layered clothing, with water proof jacket.

3. Are there any other fees we need to know about?

All the travel to and from port is included in the prices. However bring $3 for entrance fee to the visitors center at Mendenhall Glacier.

4. Are there restrooms on the boats?

There is a head on all our boats, but we always recommend making use of the facilities just before coming aboard.

5. How can you guarantee we will see whales?

They are creatures of habit just like we are. They like to eat every day and they eat in the same places.

6. What if the weather is bad, is the tour still on?

We don’t cancel for weather-we tough it out up here!

7. Is there a bathroom on the whale watching boats?

Yes, there is a head on board. There is also a restroom at Auke bay harbor and it’s always a good idea to go there first.

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