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The perfect day in Juneau, Alaska

The perfect day in Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is an unmissable destination of cruise ship passengers, those flying in on vacation or ferry-going travelers alike. From a wealth of firsthand, local experience, we’d be honored to share what we feel makes the perfect day in Juneau.

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Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

Why visit Mendenhall Glacier? Hoping you’re a wilderness seeker in lifelong pursuit of natural beauty, you might not expect your heart to be stolen by such a small haven. Essentially, where the city ends, the Juneau Icefield begins. And keeps going and going. Undoubtedly, the centerpiece is the splendor of Mendenhall Glacier, which is visual as… Continue Reading

What is the weather like in Juneau, Alaska?

What’s the weather like in Juneau, Alaska?  The one thing you can count on in Juneau, is that you can’t count on the weather. Rainy days are so natural to us here; the rain sometimes seems invisible! While Juneau is a gorgeous state capital chock-full with wildlife, it’s also abundant with lots of weather! Well, it… Continue Reading

Will I see bears in Juneau during a tour?

What are your chances of seeing bears in Juneau? There is a wondrous amount of wildlife in Juneau, Alaska. In fact, there are more animals than people! But what most people want to know is: “Will we see bears in Juneau?” The answer is: You just might! They aren’t quite as ‘people friendly’ as Yogi and Boo Boo, although some lucky… Continue Reading