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Juneau Whale Watching Tours and Excursions

More ice than you ever thought possible, right here on Juneau's Icefield.

Nestled inside a lush rainforest, the combination of pebbled beaches, quiet waterways and glaciated mountains of Juneau, effortlessly lure in visitors by the boatload or air every year. As an established local company in the business of wilderness, wildlife and city tours, our excursions are quite possibly the best in town.

Juneau is many things. It’s a wildlife viewing paradise with more animals than people. And a recreational playground with more miles of hiking trails than miles of road. Where the city ends, Juneau’s Icefield begins. And keeps going and going—farther than the eye can see. Times seems to slow as you explore the must-see Mendenhall Glacier, one of our most majestic centerpieces. At over 12 miles long, absorbing jaw-on-the-floor views is guaranteed from any vantage point. Whether that’s during one of our Glacier Tours; from 3,000 feet courtesy of the Goldbelt Mount Roberts tramway; or flightseeing in a helicopter!

Wilderness utopias aside, Juneau is also a cultural jewel rich in Southeast Alaska Native history, where before the city took the name “Juneau”, it was called Dzántik’i Héeni (“Base of the Flounder’s River). For sure, Juneau is a hub of live music and local artwork on top. All while being a state capital steeped in history. Jump on one of our City Tours and absorb some of it, that and a taste of the local offerings.

All clean and ready for its debut.
All clean and ready for its debut.

Without question, Juneau is bursting with local flavors, which will do anything but disappoint. Especially when it comes to serving up succulent fillets of halibut and wild caught sockeye, appreciated by the foodies among us. Why not check out the DIPAC Fish Hatchery too? As well, shopaholics will care to indulge in the irresistible retail therapy available on every street corner. Boutiques with top grade diamonds, locally made fudge and collectable ulus (short-handled knives) to funky prints on t-shirts, there’s something for everyone wishing to find the perfect souvenir or gift to take home. What’s more, Juneau enjoys an intimate circuit of wild-west style saloons boasting award-winning craft beer. Absolutely imperative when you need to hydrate from all the sightseeing!

Even at first glance, historic Juneau is home to an abundance of carefully restored 19th century buildings. At the heart of the city, a handful of museums and churches, various art communities and Sealaska Heritage Institute, all offer a true glimpse into Juneau’s history. As do the totems, murals, sculptures and carvings dotted throughout the place. In fact, you don’t need to venture far to find these treasure troves in learning about the Tlingit (“clink-it”), Haida (“high-dah”) and Tsimshian (“sim-shee-an”) peoples of Southeast Alaska. Although their ancient languages differ, the three share comparable art, ceremonies, beliefs and legends, shaped by the land and sea. Indeed, check if there’s a local festival on.


Nigel 19Last but by no means least, don’t forget to take to the pristine waters and say hello to Juneau’s largest residents: the humpback whales! We provide the highest quality and competitive Whale Watching Tours aboard our fantastic fleet of boats! (Also available for private charter.) As a member of Whale SENSE, Juneau Tours is one of the premier tour providers in Juneau. You can book a tour online here and be ready to feast your eyes the moment you touchdown or your cruise ship comes into dock.

With an unfathomably wild coastline, where contemporary meets the traditional, the wildlife out numbers the city’s population, and the rainforest hugs snow capped mountains, your memories from Juneau are going to be legendary. A place bursting with color and contrasts await. Not bad for a petite oasis of civilization. Come, immerse yourself in wild Southeast Alaska.

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